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Jack The Texan

Hi my name is Jack and I come straight from Texas.

I was born in 78'. After many years in the desert, roaming like a Desperados, I came to start a
new life in Haute-Savoie to discover new horizons in search of freedom.
I'm used to the dry Chihuahua desert and its straight lines. Hey! Cowboy, when you’re driving
me, take it slow in them turns!


my equipment:

- Sleeps 2 (max 4 people)
- 1 sink + 1 water tank and electric pump
- 1 gas stove
- 1 fridge 
- Tableware (plates, glasses, cutlery, pots, pans, cutting board, etc.)
- 1 camping table and 4 chairs
- 1 portable lamp
- 1 headlamp
- Hammock fasteners for children
- Petanque balls and Mölkki (traditional Finnish game)


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