Terms and conditions


The general conditions of sale apply to benefits related to the rental vehicle by Combi des Alpes. These terms and conditions are sent to the customer together with the booking. Any reservation thus implies on behalf of the client, the full and unreservedly to these terms. The general conditions of sale and the rental agreement form an inseparable whole. In case of conflict between the provisions in the contract signed by the customer and those contained in these terms and conditions of sale, the provisions of the contract apply. If the customer intends pursuing his general conditions of purchase, and in case of conflict between the provisions of the conditions of purchase of the customer and the provisions of these terms and conditions or the contract agreed between the customer and Combi des Alpes these provisions of the general conditions of sale and those of contract apply. Combi des Alpes reserves the right to modify at its discretion these conditions.


The tenant means the driver (s) (s) and (s) payer (s) mentioned (s) on the rental agreement and signatory of it. The owner designates "El Gringo des Bois EURL" whose commercial name is Combi des Alpes, registered in the commercial register of Annecy March 1, 2015 under the number Siret 809274764. The customer confirms his booking when he accepts the conditions General sales and pay 50% deposit of the total amount of the rental tax. Without payment of the deposit, Combi des Alpes does not reserve the rental and does not guarantee the availability of the reserved vehicle.


The reservation is made by secure payment on the website www.combi-des-alpes.com after completing the information form and provided the documents requested in section 3. The reservation can also be confirmed by mail or telephone after have completed the information form on our website by clicking on the "contact" tab. In this case, the tenant agrees to pay by transfer or mail within 8 working days following the booking. After this time, the reservation will be automatically canceled. When booking, the renter will include his name, first name, full address, dates of taking and return of the vehicle (date and time) as well as the list of options subscribed. During this booking, the tenant agrees to pay the full payment (CB by online payment or bank check to the address indicated) or a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the rental TTC (by check or check holidays only). The reservation is recorded as soon as the payment is made. it will be provided during the assumption of the rental contract mentioning all the information relating to the service, the details of the tenant and the dates, times and places of taking charge of the vehicle. Will be attached an invoice paid mentioning a booking number and a customer number assigned to the tenant. If the renter has paid a deposit, he agrees to pay the remaining 50% of the total amount of the rental before taking over the vehicle and to provide the documents requested in article 3 (below). The rental agreement constitutes the proof of the reservation. Combi des Alpes will deliver a signed copy of the contract to the client once the payment of benefits has been completed.


3.1 - The permit (B) driving:

The designated tenant and the secondary driver designated by the lease, must hold a driving license category B valid, be at least 25 years and more than 5 years of driving. The tenant must be able to present the original driving license before the management of the vehicle. If necessary, Combi des Alpes reserves the right to cancel the reservation for failure to submit supporting documents. According to Article 121-1 et seq of the road, you are responsible for crimes committed during the rental period. Thus, you are informed that we may pass your contact to competent authorities upon request. However, if the tenant were to withdraw to the driving license by the competent authorities during the rental period and in the event that there is no secondary driver mentioned in the rental agreement, the tenant will be essential to ensure the repatriation of the vehicle at his expense.

3.2 - Documents required:

The vehicle will be issued after submission of the documents listed below:
- An ID card or original passport valid for the tenant as well as for the secondary designated driver on the contract.
- Proof of residence under 3 months of EDF-type, water, telephone or Internet.
- A charge card for recording the deposit (Maestro and Electron refused) or a bank check.
- The lease agreement signed by the tenant.
If the customer wants one or more other persons are permitted to drive the vehicle, this or other persons must meet the same conditions as the client and present their driving license prior to hire.

3.3 - Renting:

Combi des Alpes is the only owner of the vehicles, the rental is personal and not transferable. The lease is concluded for a fixed term specified on the lease agreement between Combi des Alpes and the tenant. The lessee and the drivers designated by the said contract are responsible to Combi des Alpes for the full execution of these general conditions of sale. Upon delivery of the vehicle, they become fully responsible according to the terms set by Article 1384 of the Civil Code. The support of Combi is between 9AM and 11.30 AM and by appointment beforehand so as not to make you wait and take the time to explain the operation of the vehicles, go around together, watch the levels of oils etc.
Restitution before 6 PM at local Combi des Alpes located at 32 impasse de la Futaie, 74960 Cran Gevrier.

- The rental is a minimum of 2 days rental in low season (15 September to 15 June) and 4 days rental in high season (15 June - 15 September) because of the high demand at this time.
- The pick up at Geneva airport and Annecy train station are services we offer, thank you to adapt to the opening hours and support of the Combi, or to consult us.

3.4 - The owner:

Combi des Alpes reserves the right to terminate immediately, automatically and without compensation to the lease in the event that the tenant does not respect one of the essential obligations of these terms and conditions, including conditions use of the vehicle, the payment of benefits or non-submission of documents required when renting.

Combi des Alpes can not guarantee the availability of a particular Combi model.
The Combi model on your booking is for information only and may be replaced by a similar model.


Before the availability of the vehicle, a 2000 € deposit will be requested in the form of credit card imprint or bank check to cover the insurance deductible in case of vehicle damage or theft during the rental. This deposit will be retained by the EURL "El gringo des bois" whose commercial name is the Combi des Alpes up the damage suffered in the event of proven responsibility of the tenant or in the absence of an identified third party. All expenses to be incurred in the event of damage caused by the customer and not covered by insurance will be deducted directly from the deposit. Otherwise, the deposit will be returned 8 days after the end of the rental.


5.1 - cancellation & report :

The customer Combi des Alpes is requested to pay the greatest attention to the cancellation policy.
You have a right of withdrawal within 14 days and without having to justify reasons or to pay penalties, except, if necessary, the cost of return.
Cancellations of all or part of the original booking must be made in writing to Combi des Alpes. The customer may cancel the reservation of right, but Combi des Alpes retain as a penalty or charge the customer as shown following:

- If the request is made within 14 days after the reservation, the postponement of reservation will be possible without additional payment according to the available dates.

- If cancellation occurs 45 days before the start date of the rental, the deposit is returned after deduction of a lump sum of 25 € to cover booking costs.
- If cancellation occurs between 30 and 45 days before the date of withdrawal of the vehicle, 50% or installments will be cashed. If cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the date of withdrawal of the vehicle, or 100% of the down payments will be cashed.

5.2 - report de reservation :

Any modification of the date of reservation must be sent in writing to Combi des Alpes.

- If the request is made within 14 days after the reservation, the postponement of reservation will be possible without additional payment according to the available dates.

- If the request to postpone booking occurs 45 days before the start date of the rental, a payment of 50% of the booking amount will be requested in addition to the amount of the initial reservation.

- If the request to postpone booking occurs between 30 and 45 days before the date of withdrawal of the vehicle, 75% of the total amount will be requested in addition to the amount of the initial reservation.

- If the request for transfer occurs less than 30 days before the date of withdrawal of the vehicle, it may be refused.


The tenant agrees to report Combi des Alpes as soon as he is aware, any malfunction found in a vehicle during the rental period: abnormal noise, block heater, oil loss under the vehicle, etc. It is important to remember that the tenant remains liable to any penalty, fine or other sanctions that may result from improper use of the vehicle and the failure to respect the highway code. If the vehicle is immobilized following an incident or accident, or after a flight, Combi des Alpes offers no refund to the tenant for the interruption of his journey, and no payment of damages.

6.1 - Troubleshooting:

Combi des Alpes remind the tenant that they are collections of vehicles and the need to respect the vehicle and philosophy Combi des Alpes. The tenant must keep strictly to the vehicle provided by Combi des Alpes and follow the instructions for proper use of the combi. The tenant agrees to check the engine oil level and tire pressure regularly. Combi des Alpes disclaims all liability if engine failure occurred due to poor control of the engine oil level by the tenant. These repairs are the responsibility of the tenant. In case of mechanical breakdown or deterioration of the vehicle or its equipment, any repairs can not take place without prior agreement of Combi des Alpes. In an emergency, the only Combi des Alpes can give the reparation agreement. The tenant will retain invoices of repairs.

6.2 - Assisted start battery cable:

If the tenant makes a assisted starting with battery cables, must notify Combi des Alpes. The renter is fully liable for damages resulting from improper use of the cables. It is strictly forbidden to perform troubleshooting battery on another vehicle.

6-3 - Accident:

The tenant must immediately report to Combi des Alpes, except in cases of force majeure is proven. Then they must complete an accident report, in each vehicle and must be provided no later than 48 hours working Combi des Alpes. Provided the tenant within 48 hours to the lessor the police report from the accident. Failing these obligations, the tenant remained liable to the Lessor the amount of damage suffered by the renter. Furthermore, the tenant shall deliver to Combi des Alpes a copy of all documents that have the appropriate handed over to police. In case of vehicle damage, the tenant's financial responsibility is:

- Limited to management fees, if the tenant is not liable for the claim (after the intervention of the insurer).
- Limited to the amount of the deductible if the renter is responsible fully or partially the claim or when the third party is not identified. The deductible is the responsibility of the tenant.

6.4 - Vol:

In case of theft or attempted break (assimilated to the vehicle theft, vandalism, theft of accessories and attempted theft), it is the tenant's responsibility:
- To immediately notify Combi des Alpes so that the declaration of theft or attempted break-in is carried out by Combi des Alpes from the insurance within 48 hours.
- To file, within 24 hours of practice, a complaint to the police or the nearest police station of the place of flight. You will be given a receipt of your return. This approach allows to trigger research and identify your responsibility if the thief causes an accident.
- You must keep safe on the keys and circulation of securities (gray card). This is essential for the insurance coverage in case of theft.


7.1 - The insurance taken out by Combi des Alpes covers:

- Automobile liability insurance and damages to third parties:
- An unlimited liability third party drivers and passengers as well as a guarantee of any accident damage frankly.
- Insurance against fire and theft of the vehicle.
- Insurance against storms, hail, snow.
- Insurance against glass breakage and optical beacon (accidental breakage of windows and light units)

7.2 - Incidents not covered by the insurance contract:

- Theft or damage of personal belongings of the tenant and all vehicle passengers
- The loss of keys or vehicle traffic titles
- Damage to the vehicle or to a third party if the vehicle operator is not the main driver tenant nor the tenant additional driver mentioned on the contract.
- Damage to the vehicle or to a third party outside the rental period specified in the agreement.

7.2 - Damage to the vehicle in the case of non-respect by the tenant of his vis-à-vis the maintenance responsibilities and the use of the vehicle.
Examples are not exhaustive of damage not covered:

- Using the wrong fuel
- Damaged tires
- Damages and damages related to a non cautious use of the vehicle (interior and exterior damage): seats torn or soiled, broken the interior elements, loss of equipment, external shocks (bodywork, bumpers, etc.), interior design (closet doors, fridge, bench, lifting roof, roof tent, etc.).
- Motor overheating due to prolonged driving after appearance of the light on the dashboard
- Engine degradation due to a lack of oil
- Deterioration of bearings or suspensions due to prolonged driving with a flat tire or damaged.
- Degradation of high parts or sides of the vehicle due to incorrect assessment of the size of the vehicle.
- Damage due to vehicle use on sand, mud or snow
- Damage due to drunk or drowsy tenant
- Damage due to careless driving and failure to respect the highway code
- Damage covered by the non-transmission in time to Combi des Alpes information about the claim (including the joint report of accident)
- Damage following the abandonment or failure to return within the time specified on the lease of the vehicle by the tenant

7.3 - Driving on highway and toll expressways:

Combi des Alpes disclaims all liability in case of breakdown or other accidents occurring on a toll highway. We remind the tenant that the tolls at highways are strictly prohibited with our vehicles and the costs of repairs and towing on the motorway will be the responsibility of the tenant. On expressways, the tenant agrees not to drive at excessive speed and prolonged so as not to abuse the vehicle. Combi des Alpes remind the tenant that are collections of vehicles and the need to respect the vehicle and philosophy Combi des Alpes. A combi running at a 90 km / hour cruising speed according to engine torque. Rental include 100km per days.


The Court of Annecy will be deemed competent to hear disputes or disputes relating to the conclusion, execution, interpretation and the term of this lease. The law applicable to these is the French law.

II - Wedding and Event Services

1 - Re:

Combi des Alpes offers event services as presented on the website www.combi-des-alpes.com. These terms and the summary of the transaction or the quote is the contractual framework between Combi des Alpes customer to whom the chosen delivery will be made. By its use of www.combi-des-alpes.com website, the customer declares to have read these general conditions

2 - Reservation of benefits:

In order to block the date on our calendar, the reservation will be final upon receipt of an e-mail confirmation and upon payment of a deposit of 50% of the total sum.

3 - Prices:

Prices are valid at the date of the order. Travel fees may apply. Transportation costs (0,97 € / km) will be the customer.

4 - Payment Balance:

The balance will be paid the day of the service, on arrival of the vehicle.

5 - Right of withdrawal:

The consumer has a withdrawal period of seven working days from the day after the conclusion of the order. Any decision of withdrawal made within the time limit will be subject to a refund of the amount actually paid. However, no refund will be made if the delivery was carried out in whole or in part, with the consumer's agreement, before the expiration of the withdrawal period. After this period of 7 days the deposit will not be refunded.

7 - Cancellation:

Reservations canceled less than 48 hours before the start of the service or the customer's absence to care will be charged. Any termination by the client of a reservation, whatever the cause, it leads to the loss of the deposit, as fixed indemnity. In case of failure of the vehicle delivery can be canceled up to the day and the amounts paid fully refunded.

In case of cancellation of booking the service becomes final, it is recalled that in accordance with legal provisions, the amount of the deposit will not be refunded. The date of delivery is deemed unchangeable. A modification of this date could be given only after agreement on its availability. Failing agreement, the customer may request the cancellation of the service under the conditions specified below. The customer has a right of withdrawal of 14 days after the conclusion of the order. Beyond this period, in case of cancellation of its share installments will be retained by Combi des Alpes. If canceled Combi des Alpes, all the installments paid by the customer will be reimbursed. No additional compensation can be required by the customer. In any case, the cancellation will be notified by email and by letter with acknowledgment of receipt, the date of which shall prevail. Any dispute concerning the validity, interpretation or execution of the contract and after the failure of any amicable conciliation, will be submitted to the Annecy courts. In case of cancellation of booking a provision becomes final, it is recalled that in accordance with legal provisions, the amount of the deposit will not be refunded. Only the following may be accepted (upon presentation of proof) emergency or medical problem, birth made. Canceling the benefit of independent case of force majeure the customer will.

Combi des Alpes reserves the right to modify at any time these terms and conditions of sale. The conditions changed and will apply to all orders placed after the date of modification, including any additional or supporting command to a previous order

III - Vaucher gifts

Ordering and purchasing the right gift is via the www.combi-des-alpes.com Site. The Company is creating an account in the name of the client on which he communicates his contact information and billing address for the command can be saved.

The provision of personal information necessary to process and order registration is mandatory.

The customer accepts the order registration systems by the Company are worth proof of the nature of the transaction and date.

The customer chooses the monetary value it wishes to assign the right gifts with a minimum of 50 €. The selected value offers to the recipient of the Good the right to purchase the services offered by the Institutes within the limits of that value.

Le Bon is payable in euros in full on the day of placing the order by the customer, by credit card.

Credit cards accepted on the website are: credit card, visa, master card.

The full amount of the order is debited from the credit card supplied during the confirmation of the order by the Company.

1 -  conditions of use

- The gift certificate or gift box Combi Alpine is a payment from Alpine Combi.
- The gift voucher Combi Alpine is valid for 1 (one) time and is valid for the product (s) (s) and / or service (s) (s) presented in the gift certificates and specified on the voucher.
In case of no use, loss or destruction of Alpine Combi voucher nor the buyer nor the beneficiary can not claim a refund or an exchange.
Photocopies or samples will not be accepted.
The Combi Alpine gift voucher is valid for a period limited to one year provided validate within 6 months after its purchase. Beyond this period, gift certificates are considered void and may not give rise to neither benefit nor refund.

2 - Retractation

According to current regulations, the customer has a period of 14 days from the receipt of the gift certificate to exercise his right of withdrawal without any reasons or pay penalties.
To exercise this right, the customer must, within that period, inform the Company of his decision to withdraw, by writing to Alpine Combi, 32 impasse of Futaie Cran 74960 or by email at contact @ combi-des- alpes.com

The customer will bear the direct cost of returning the good.

When the withdrawal right will be exercised by the customer, Alpine Combi will refund it to the full amount paid at the latest within 14 days from the date on which it was informed of the decision of customer to retract.

3 - Vaucher gifts Presentation

The vouchers are issued by the Alpine Combi customer and represent a form of payment that the beneficiary of good gifts can be used to purchase a number of services offered for sale by Alpine Combi according to the conditions described below.

The vouchers are prepaid payment instruments used exclusively through salons.

The vouchers can be purchased by the customer and used by a third party (the beneficiary).

The institutes are free to allow the combination of several means of payment if the amount of the gift voucher is not enough to cover the amount of the benefits envisaged by the client.

They are not registered, but carry a unique identification number.

4 - Use vaucher gifts

The vouchers can be used at one time up to their face value and during their period of validity. They are not exchangeable neither changeable nor refundable, except as provided in paragraph "Right of withdrawal". The face value of the voucher is valid only on the price applied at Alpine Combi.

No good gift can give rise to monetary consideration in any form whatsoever, totally or partially, including giving change.

It may not be resold or credited to a card or a bank account, or be subject to a discount or a resale.

The purchase of benefits or services in Alpine Combi are subject to the presentation of the gift voucher or serial number.

Purchases of services offered for sale by Combi Alps are subject to the general terms and conditions of the services concerned, effective purchase and accessible from Alpine Combi.

5 - Contastation

For any dispute or complaint about the sale of the voucher, the customer is invited to write to the following email address contact@combi-des-alpes.com within a maximum period of 30 days from the order.


By express agreement between the parties, these CGVU (General terms of sales and use) are governed by French law. They are written in French. In case they are translated into one or several languages, only the French text would prevail in case of dispute.

Any disputes which could lead the CGVU, concerning both their validity, interpretation, execution or termination, their consequences and their consequences, and that could not be an amicable settlement will be submitted to the courts french competent in common law conditions.

The customer is informed that he can in any case use a conventional mediation, in particular with the Commission of mediation consumption or from existing sectoral mediation bodies, or any alternative dispute resolution (conciliation for example) in case of dispute.

- 2015 Combi des Alpes -